Day two -TUBULUM

So today I begin building the most difficult part of the Sound in Focus program, the Tubulum.  What's a Tubulum?  It’s an instrument that is made out of different lengths of PVC tubing.  It was made popular by Blue Man Group.

Mine is not going to be this complicated, but the scientific principals of it will be the same.

Of course you can’t just buy one of these…you have to build one!.  I’ve done tons of research on how to build a Tubulum online, and although it a pretty simple instrument in function, building one is very complicated.  A lot of the process will be "experimental improvisation."  I’ve decided to build it so it will be portable and lightweight with about 12 notes (E pentatonic scale, with a few chromatic notes added)

First stop? HOME DEPOT!  Everything I need can be found there in the plumbing department. Unfortunately they had a very low stock of PVC pipes when I went this morning.  I need about 80 feet of tubes.  They only had three pipes of 1.5 inches, 30 total. So I bought them all.


Then I bought every 90 degree fitting they had, 22 of them, and a few straight fittings too.


As a building platform I’m going to use an old media cart that Maple Street School gave me.  The tubes will be mounted around the side of the cart with the open playing area at the top. 


© Mike Alberici 2014