Londonderry - North School

This week I’m at North School in Londonderry, NH!  Today we had a HUGE crowd of students for the Sound in Focus show.  Probably the biggest ever.  I was sure they were going to beat the loud record, currently held by Deerfield at 98 dB, but they came up shout at 97 dB.  They also just missed beating the quiet record at 52. dB.

BTW in case you’re wondering why the abbreviation for “decibels” is dB  ( With a capital letter on the B, but not d)  It’s because the decibel scale was named after Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. The dB scale is a logarithmic scale that goes up in powers of ten: every increase of 10dB on the scale is equivalent to a 10-fold increase in sound intensity. So the word “decibel” is a compound word meaning  "10-Bells”.  Since the syllable  “Bel”  is part of his name it is always capitalized. 

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