Loudness in Meredith!

Yesterday I visited the Inter-lakes Elementary school in Meredith NH.  Probably the biggest group of students I’ve ever had.  Close to 300 kids.  They missed the quiet record by only one decibel…52.  To reach that level the principal, Dr. Kelly, turned off all the HVAC systems, closed the doors, and shut off all the lights, while I turned off all my tech stuff to cut volume in the room.  Imagine 300 kids now sitting in complete darkness being totally quiet together.  It was pretty cool!

Then they got fired up for the loud record.  First attempt was 96…Second 97…and the third tied the current record of 98!

After the show I was honored to speak with two Christa McAuliffe Fellows who both teach at Interlakes - Dan Reidy -'03, and Denise Read –‘09

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