November residencies-Update

Well its been a great first month for Sound in Focus.  I hit the road and visited 6 different schools all over NH! Thank you for getting this project started and hosting me in your school!

(Special thanks go out to the custodians at Deerfield Elem. School who removed (and replaced) three doors so I could get the Vortex Cannon into the school!

It was a memorable series of visits.  I met some great educators, staff members, and wonderful children. And I saw some beautiful parts of NH that I’d never been to before. Driving over Lempster Mt Road in the fog with a trailer full of expensive scientific gear was an experience!  

Overall, the students seemed thrilled with the show.  I got lots of great feedback from them, and even got invited to a few birthday parties!

Right now, Deerfield Elementary School holds one decibel record outright,  and shares another with Abbot-Downing school  in Concord

The students at both schools were able to make 61 dB of silence, matching the ambient volume of the empty room.   

And Deerfield posted an ear shattering 98 bD of volume during the “HEY” challenge.  My ears  are still ringing!  

© Mike Alberici 2014