One day residencies -NOVEMBER

I’m excited to announce a series of one-day Sound in Focus visits to schools on my current wait list. Each day will feature a one-hour all school assembly, and an after-school teacher workshop. (details below)

There is NO COST to a school for these visits. FREE! 

The dates available are:

Monday,  Nov. 3       Wednesday,  Nov. 5

Monday,  Nov. 10      Wednesday,  Nov. 12

Book a date- THE RULES  :)    These dates are going to be booked first come-first served.  If you would like to book a date all you have to do is email me…BUT please make any and all arrangements with your school’s staff and admin BEFORE you contact me. In other words be ready to commit when you claim a date. I can not save a date for you. Once a date is gone I’ll send out an email with remaining dates available

Sound in Focus Assembly-Afternoon- The Sound in Focus assembly is an exciting interactive show that teaches students about the scientific principals of sound.  Using rarely seen (and mind-blowing) sound experiments, Sound in Focus is a unforgettable mix of  Mythbusters, Blue Man Group, and Bill Nye. Designed around the NH Science Frameworks, Common Core, and Next Generation Science Standards,  after seeing and hearing Sound in Focus your students will never listen the same.  

 The assembly is best suited for grades 2-6, and lasts about 60 minutes. The assembly can be held in any room that is large enough to seat the student population.  A gym or theater is preferred; a cafeteria will work as well. I will need access to the room 90 minutes before the start time to set up, and need two power outlets within 30 feet of the center of the room. The assembly should be scheduled to start at approx. 1PMould be scheduled for approx 1:30 PM

Teacher In-Service workshop- During this one-hour workshop for educators  I’ll share some of the listening-based research that I’ve done in my own classroom and share a few great lesson plans designed to help your students become better listeners.  Other questions and topics we’ll explore are : How technology is affecting students listening skills?  How to inspire students to listen better? And more. 

© Mike Alberici 2014