What people are saying...

This is the coolest day of school ever 

 ~  Student at Pleasant Street School, Laconia, NH

You ROCK sound like a BOSS!  

~ Student at Sandown Central School, NH 

My daughter is in second grade and she absolutely LOVED your presentation. She talked about it all weekend. Thank you for what you’re doing for these lucky children. You make the world a better place 

 ~ parent from Antrim, NH

"Sound in Focus "reinforces for teachers  how important a skill listening is to teach and how it can help combat the lack of attention and focus that we all see in education today.” 

~Elementary School Principal, NH 

"Sound in Focus isn’t  a "one hit wonder" like so many other programs these days.  The week long embedded classes offer  much more opportunity for the learning to stick!"    

~Elementary School Principal, NH 

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